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Fight of the fringe

Talk About Hair with Catherine Hodges - Essensuals BathDo you feel like you are always in a loosing battle with your fringe? Cutting, growing, home snipping and regretting Sound familiar?

Fringes can lengthen, shorten, widen or narrow a face so getting that focal point perfect is arguably the most important part of any style.

When it comes to styling, where do you start? After shampooing, the bonds in the hair are ready to be trained into place, the minute the hair begins to dry in its own direction the fight is on!

These tip should help…


How to create a smooth fringe

Step 1 – Start by putting in your parting; comb your fringe area down towards your face thus getting rid of he parting in the fringe area.

Step 2 – Using a powerful dryer whilst combing your fringe towards your face, keep blasting and combing, when almost dry comb and blast from left to right, right to left.

Step 3 – With a nozzle on the hairdryer, use a round brush under the fringe and follow he hair downwards towards the face.
The shorter the fringe, the smaller the brush! If you have a full fringe this should achieve a nice smooth look without a parting, if you wear your fringe longer, simply push to the side, this will have a nice sweeping effect for a smooth fringe but not stuck down! Applying Oil and a blow-dry spray will help.


How to create a volumous fringe

Step 1 – Start by putting in your parting; comb your fringe area down towards your face thus getting rid of he parting in the fringe area.

Step 2 – Using a nozzle on the hairdryer, place a round brush under the fringe and lift straight up whilst turning the brush, it may sound tricky but after a little practice it will become much easier.

Step 3 – Keep lifting and turning until the hair is dry and pull the brush out in the opposite direction from the side its worn, this creates a nice sweep, lift and volume.

Applying a volume mousse to roots will help! Finish with a touch of lightweight spray and enjoy the day !


Welcome to the Essensuals Bath April update 2017


Thank you for your continued support. We are approaching our 16th birthday at the end of this month and the salon is busier than ever.


Service of the month !

Brand NEW COUTURE nail polish service

This is a brand new product, a nail polish that lasts like a gel (4 weeks) but is applied like a standard polish and no need to Soak off!

This service with a full manicure is on offer this month for £20.



Salon News

All of the stylists are engaged in our ongoing Toni&Guy education programme in the salon, and in our London academy. We keep up to date and continuously improve skills & knowledge with the latest trends and anything Hair, beauty & fashion related.


Our assistants are often in need of models to perfect their technique. This month we will be showing some of the creative education we do in readiness for national Apprenticeship week.

If you would like to be a hair model, the training evenings are Mondays and Tuesdays and booking is essential.

You can read our blog on our website about our Apprenticeship programme and education within the company.



Team News

Tom Banfield is now one of our fantastic hair stylists and his clientele is building fast. Tom presented a presentation of his work to the team in order to gain his promotion to senior stylist.


Student VIP

!! Valid for students and teenagers !!

We have a new VIP membership for students. Pick up your student card in salon to enjoy the best prices.

* Student discounts are only valid for full time and upon presentation of NUS card

Mon- fri only please.


Beauty Bar


Lauren is now running our beauty bar on the first floor where you are now able to tie in your nail & eyebrow appointments with your hair.

We use professional polish brands such as OPI, ESSIE & GELISH and the LATEST TREND which is Essie @ OPI Couture polish which lasts like a gel but applied like a polish.

Some of our prices:

Express manicure £10

Manicure £25

Gel nails £35


Eye brow wax £12

Eye brow Tint £12

Eyelash tint £12

Complete package £30 (includes all the above)


Facial waxing also available.




Hair services & treatments

We love you to love your hair and for your hair to always look its best. Here are the hair treatments we have available in the salon:


You may have heard of this revolutionary product which has become very popular indeed. Olaplex is a bond multiplier which is either mixed into your colour or applied as a separate service. Repairing the disulphide bonds enabling you to achieve better colour results whilst improving the condition of your hair. The bonds Olaplex repairs are different from those in deep conditioning treatments. This service is priced at £25 with your colour or £50 as a separate service. Please ask your stylist for more information. Olaplex will benefit almost everyone’s hair.


 Nano keratin smoothing treatment

Do you have frizzy of difficult to manage Hair ?

This Brazilian blowdry treatment helps to pack the hair shaft out with tiny keratin molecules to help your hair style smoother for 4 months.




The best way to keep good conditioned hair is to regularly replenish your hair with the protein & moisture it loses from every day styling and environment.

Hair spa deep conditioning treatments are our most popular service.

You can choose from our deep treatment from loreal & Kerastase prescriptive to your hair needs.

If you simply want that extra shine on your hair, the relaxing treatments are for everyone. All treatments include a relaxing head massage and luxurious hot towel wrap.


Rewards card

We hope you are enjoying our new rewards card. If you have not started yours, please sign up next time you’re in the salon. Every time you visit us you build points to redeem against services & products.

We will add 500 pts = £5 on your birthday plus have lots of other great bonus builders and ways to save you money.


Quick reminder of our opening times

Monday 9-7

Tuesday 9-7

Wednesday 9-7

Thursday 9-8

Friday 9-6

Saturday 8-6

Sunday 10-5


We are also open on bank holidays.

Start your career with an Apprenticeship.

I wish I knew that when I was 16″

She said, as I interviewed another 19 year old with a hairdressing NVQ certificate in her hand.

I was just told I had to go to college for two years and then I’d be qualified”

This was the sixth interview she’s been to and couldn’t understand why none of the salons could take her on.

The standard of work and equally as important, the ability to converse successfully with clients in a business relationships has not been established.

In a nutshell she had gone through her training with limited experience of interaction with what would be her clientele and real salon life. This is invaluable in the real world.

I didn’t know I could do a Apprenticship and have everything else”

(qualification, experience and wage).

It dawned on me that with changes in the education system and the mind set of an academic path suddenly seems the only option , leaving our society short on skilled workers and many graduates unemployed.

Our school leavers have just not been made aware of the best way to begin an vocational career and the feeling that in hindsight they have wasted a couple of years.

In my 20 years experience and the hundreds of people I have employed of all ages and backgrounds, the long term success stories all come from those who started in the Apprenticship programme directly from school at 16.

Many of our team members are now successful stylists, staff educators, managers and even salon owners.

Some facts on Apprenticships 

If you have a passion for a certain career in mind and are eager to start out in the work place, an Apprenticship is a viable alternative to sixth form.

This path gives you hands on experience while earning a salary plus the opportunity to gain qualifications while you work.

The experience gained as a apprentice in any company will be valuable throughout your career as you will learn every part of the job .

Apprenticships also mean you can start work and lean the transferable skills and experience employers are looking for.

The other good news is that if you are a good worker during your Apprenticship you will almost always be taken on as an employee with the company and have the opportunity to grow and step up the ladder.

Read about Apprenticships with Essensuals and TONI&GUY Bath 

Here at Essensuals and TONI&GUY in Bath we recruit 16 /17 year olds into our Apprenticship scheme.

The Apprenticship is over initial two year agreement and is a paid position while learning the trade.

The full time position which includes assisting our stylists, gaining experience on all salon duties plus interacting with clients. At least 8 hours per week are spent in salon on the NVQ training and hairdressing education.

Apprentices learn on the job while working towards and NVQ LEVEL 2 alongside our in salon education programme.

Customer relation skills
HAIR SPA training
Toni & Guy education on cutting & colouring
Theory of hair and hairdressing
Competitions and hair shows within the Toni&Guy group.
On successful completion of NVQ2 Apprentices will be enrolled into level 3 whilst spending six weeks at our Toni&Guy academy before completing as a qualified stylist.

After these two years working in the salon and interacting with clients and models, many of our newly qualified stylist then inherit a clientele and find it much easier to build a clientele with relations already established during the training period.

All successful hairdressers know that our clients love a familer face and put their trust in stylists they know

Other opportunities include 

Working at London fashion week
Taking part in hair competitions with companies such as Loreal
Ongoing education in salon and at our education centre in london
We are looking for new talent and breeding creativity. We have 6 Apprenticship positions available to start in July 2017.

To apply for an Apprenticship position Please email

Catherine Hodges

Essensuals Bath

Salon Owner | Hair Stylist

Phone: 01225 465300

Mobile: 07973 442516


Address: 1 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RG

Find us on: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Google+


We are hiring for full time apprentices!

we are hiring

School leavers – Start an apprenticeship at Essensuals Bath assisting stylists and looking after clients while following the NVQ LEVEL 2 and 3 in hairdressing along side our ‘in house’ Essensuals and Toni&Guy worldwide renowned training. Earn good rates of pay while following this 2 year course. At the end of which you would attend a 6 weeks final exam course at the Essensuals/Toni&Guy academy in London.
On completion of this course you would receive a Toni&Guy diploma and start building your career as a stylist or colour technician.

With an already good understanding of hairdressing you could adapt your skills in the salon for varying lengths of time from 1 month upwards (depending on experience) before attending the academy for 6 weeks to complete the Essensuals and Toni&guy training.
Please drop your cv at reception or call 01225 465300 for more info!

We are searching for outstanding enthusiastic team member

We are searching for outstanding enthusiastic team member who can deliver an outstanding service and make a difference.

Full time assistant –
Recruiting now for a Full time assistant wishing to undergo a hairdressing apprenticeship.The apprenticeship includes assisting our stylists and joining the team to help look after our clients and deliver a fantastic salon service.You will undergo a 3 year NVQ LEVEL 5 course as well as Toni&Guy training before qualifying as a stylist.
Contact Catherine 01225 465300.

Recruiting now for Saturday staff and full time assistants wishing to undergo a hairdressing apprenticeship.

We are searching for outstanding enthusiastic team members who can deliver an outstanding service and make a difference.

Recruiting now for Saturday staff and full time assistants wishing to undergo a hairdressing apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship includes assisting our stylists and joining the team to help look after our clients and deliver a fantastic salon service.

You will undergo a 3 year NVQ LEVEL 5 course as well as Toni&Guy training before qualifying as a stylist.