Why it’s best to choose a hairdressing apprenticeship… Choosing College to p…

Why it’s best to choose a hairdressing apprenticeship…

Choosing College to pursue a career in hairdressing. Although a NVQ level 2 is essential its practical education is very basic. Therefore doesn’t equipt the stylists for the expectations of todays client. After completing NVQ at college you will expect to earn as a stylist would but without experience and a high level of skills few salons would be prepared to employ you as neither a stylist or an expensive apprentice. We see this time and time again and usually have to turn down applicants at this stage. This is why it is best to start an apprenticeship at the age of 16 to gain the experience whilst earning £125-£150 a week. (Some start at the age of 15 just working on a Saturday) a two year work in-salon apprenticeship and one year as a junior stylist will enable you to become a fully trained stylist with better earning opportunities.

Unfortunately we do see applicants time and time again whom have been advised to choose the 'college only' route and then find it much more difficult to find stylist positions

Why choose Toni & Guy and Essensuals Apprenticeship…

– Only company that offers NVQ levels 1-5

– Trained at our Toni and Guy academy and London .

– The Toni and Guy education is world renowned

– This level of training is on going and continues with advanced specialist courses.

Later on ……
– Opportunities to be part of our team at London fashion week with top designers plus hair shows all over the world.
– Opportunities to travel the world working in any of the 50 academies or 450 salons worldwide
– Teaching , Managing and franchise opportunities .

You must be keen to learn and demonstrate a great work ethic to join us … We'll show you the rest !
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